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Espresso Rumtini Recipe

This Rumtini is the perfect cocktail for getting drunk at an at home Sunday brunch or if you need a perfect drink to pair with your decedent dessert and want to be a little fancy. We got you! We’re putting a fun twist on the classic cocktail, espresso martini. This drink is originally made by pairing vodka, espresso and coffee liquor. Simple, though effective, this drink was created in the 1980’s and is still widely popular today (I mean that just feels like a given, pairing alcohol and coffee). The original espresso martini was created by a man called Dick Bradsell, who came up with the drink at a club when a customer asked if he could fix hime a drink that would both “wake him up and get him drunk,” and thus the espresso martini was born. Can I get a little angel choir in the background.

Why rum over vodka?

While today we’re not making an original espresso martini, we’re putting a little pirate flair on it. We’re going to be substituting rum in place of the vodka, this will help enhance it even further in a couple ways. The rum will take the drink a little further and make the espresso martini more well-rounded and add a small taste of vanilla. Rum is naturally sweeter, because vodka is made from potatoes, wheat and various types of grains, where as rum is made from sugarcane. You’ll see a lot of people adding in liquid sugar or triple sec to cut the bitterness and sweeten their espresso martini, with rum because of the already added natural sugar and spices in the rum you don’t need to do that. Of course if you have a bit of a sweet tooth it doesn’t hurt to add a little liquid sugar anyways. Rum will also give the drink an inherently warm and cozy feel to the drink than vodka would. The spices pair perfectly with the espresso, giving you the ideal drink for drinking around the fire or cozied up at home. 

Which Rum do you use?

Essentially any rum will do. Whatever your favorite rum is or whatever you have lying around. I would suggest though using a dark spiced rum. That will give you the most full-bodied flavor and create more of a slight flavorful experience than using plain or white rum. Any brand of rum will do, I use Captain Morgan. It is one of the more popular rum brands and has been perfected through the decades to be smooth and flavorful. Plus it helps it’s a pirate themed rum brand, and this, of course, is a pirate themed shop, we’ve got to represent. 

How to make it sweeter

Like we said before, the rum has natural sugarcane, notes of vanilla, and if you’re using spiced rum, a hint of spices. But for those that have more of a sweet tooth, or just want to mask the rum a little more you can use triple sec, liquid sugar or my personal favorite, vanilla syrup. The vanilla syrup will subtly enhance the notes of vanilla in the rum and pair perfectly with it. 


  • 1 ounce Rum - I like to use captain Morgan spiced rum
  • 1 ounce Espresso - I use Cafe Bustle, for a rich flavorful espresso. 
  • 1 ounce Coffee liquor - I use the classic and timeless Kahlúa.
  • Coffee beans for garnish


Make your espresso, for the best results if you have an espresso machine that’s perfect. If you are one of the unfortunate souls to not own an espresso machine, get an espresso machine, or even a Nespresso machine, they will change your life. But alternatively you can also use instant espresso, it’ll just be doing the drink a slight disservice. 

  1. Get your cocktail shaker and pour in your shot of espresso (it should be equal to one ounce)
  1. Pour in one ounce Rum (I use captain Morgan spiced rum, but you do you)
  1. Pour in one shot of coffee liquor (In this case I use Kahlúa)
  1. Add your ice to chill the drink and shake it up really good.
  1. Once shaken, pour into your martini glass, there should be a nice foamy layer on the top
  1. Place three espresso beans in a star like pattern 
  1. Enjoy!


For a step by step tutorial of this recipe you can check out our instagram channel or follow the link to watch how to make it, you know if you’re a visual person like me.

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